How effective is Marshmellow Gear against bugs?
Your gear has been through a series of tests specified by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and the German Armed Forces.

• Why should I choose Marshmellow Gear over regular gear?
Because there is no better apparel that will not just keep you comfortable but also safeguard you from those dangerous insect bites.

• How do I use my Marshmellow Gear?
Your Marshmellow Gear can be used like your regular gear, wherever you please – indoors and outdoors. Cover all body parts for optimum protection.

• Is Marshmellow Gear safe for my skin?
Marshmellow Gear is derma-safe, making sure it provides only comfort when you wear the gear.

• Has Marshmellow Gear gone through lab tests?
Yes. The gear has gone through several international tests as stipulated under the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the German Armed Forces Tests TL-8305-0331.

• What is the German Armed Forces Test TL-8305?
The technical delivery specifications TL 8305-0331 by the German Armed Forces (version Dec. 2014) demands bioactivity tests of Permethrin treated textiles that had been laundered 100 times. During these tests, a 100% knock-down on Ae. aegypti must be documented within 71.5 minutes.

• Can I use Marshmellow Gear for my children?
Marshmellow Gear products can be used by children above the age of one. 

• What is Permethrin?
Permethrin is a synthetic chemical derived from the chrysanthemum flower, widely used towards insect protection. It belongs to the family of synthetic chemicals called pyrethroids, and functions as a neurotoxin which affects neuron membranes by prolonging sodium channel activation. The W.H.O. recommends Permethrin as a public health insecticide.

• Where should I store my Marshmellow Gear?
If you are not using your Marshmellow Gear product for a long period of time, pack it and store it in a cool, dry place.

• How should I wash it, and how often?
You can either machine-wash your gear (separately from other garments) or hand-wash it with cold water. Wash your gear as and when required.

• How long will the protection on my Marshmellow Gear product last?
Your gear will last up to 50 soap washes for insect protection, and much longer as regular gear.

• Will Marshmellow Gear cause any allergic reactions?
No, Marshmellow Gear products do not cause any reactions on the human skin. The apparels are made from premium fabrics, are odourless and DEET-free, with no known allergic reactions on unwounded, rash free skin.

• How does Marshmellow Gear protect me from insect bites?
Your Marshmellow Gear product is treated with a scientific insect protection formulation, containing Permethrin - a W.H.O. recommended public health insecticide. When an insect comes in contact with the fabric, it affects it's nervous system. This forces the bug to fly / crawl away from the fabric, reducing bite activity or knocking it down.

• Will Marshmellow Gear guarantee 100% protection?
Without the use of any insect protection products, you are at a higher risk of getting bitten by bugs. Wearing Marshmellow Gear can reduce that risk in a safe and efficient way.

• Can I use my Marshmellow Gear products if I have any open wounds?
Avoid usage of Marshmellow Gear products on body parts that are injured, have allergic reactions or have open wounds.

• Will Marshmellow Gear only keep my covered body parts protected?
Yes. Marshmellow Gear will safeguard only the body parts that are covered by the product.

• How do I know more about Marshmellow Gear shipping policies?
For detailed shop and ship availabilities, please visit our Delivery Policy and Shipping Policy.